The most innovative and sustainable fabrics
with unique skin care properties.

We focus on finding the best fabric to care for all skin types. For this reason, we only use sustainable fabrics developed using the highest technology with beneficial properties for your baby's skin. From the purest organic cotton, or soft bamboo fiber to our most innovative proposals that incorporate seaweed or Zinc oxide among the soft Lyocell® fibers.

Everything to guarantee the greatest breathability, the greatest comfort, the greatest softness to provide you and your baby with the best second skin with which to dress.

Cool Bamboo; the wonderful
fibre of the 21st century.

Bamboo is harvested from wild farms without the use of any pesticides because it naturally contains a substance known as Zhu Kun (bamboo kun), an agent that acts against microbes and bacteria. It is known as the fastest growing plant on the planet and can grow anywhere, even on hills and sloping surfaces where other trees barely survive.

With hypoallergenic properties, a really nice drape and lightness and an incredible softness on the skin, bamboo is undoubtedly the ideal fabric to dress your baby in its early stages and throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

An absolutely sustainable fabric with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. No itching, no sweating and 95% UV protection. Easy to wear, easy to launder, really comfortable softness and lightness and up to four times more breathable than cotton.

Lyocell®; an eco-friendly fabric
made from natural fibres.

Unlike the common perception, Lyocell® fibres are of natural origin, obtained from the renewable raw material of wood created by photosynthesis. Lyocell® fibres are not only compostable and biodegradable, but are also produced in a highly sustainable closed production loop, where the wood pulp is transformed into fibre for spinning and the water used in this process is recycled for the next process.

Extremely soft, Lyocell® fabric is extremely breathable and has a moisture absorption similar to that of bamboo and greater than that of cotton, making it one of the best choices for the care of the most sensitive skins.

Smartcel™ Sensitive;
the fabric that relieves itching and soothes the skin.

Developed in Germany and awarded for its innovation, Smartcel™ Sensitive technology combines the natural fibre of Lyocell® with the essential trace element zinc, vital for our immune system, sensory functions and metabolism, as well as skin regeneration and protection.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory capabilities of zinc oxide, Smartcel™ Sensitive has a soothing effect on sensitive skin, relieving itching and discomfort caused by eczema. It offers UV protection in excess of 50 UPF and is also OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified by our suppliers.

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,
and soothing effect on the skin.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect of the trace element zinc in Lyocell® fibres, its antibacterial and antiviral effects as well as its efficacy against house dust mites have also been demonstrated.

Extremely soft, comfortable
and body temperature regulator.

Lyocell® is made of small hydrophilic fibres, i.e. it wicks moisture away from the skin. It is an extremely breathable fabric and regulates body temperature in a wide variety of climates. Smartcel™ Sensitive is much softer than cotton. More pleasant to touch. Much more stretchy and much more comfortable than any other fabric.

Effectiveness and lasting durability.

The incorporation of zinc between the Lyocell® fibres occurs in the manufacturing process itself, and not in the form of a surface finish. This means that the fabric remains active even after 100 washing cycles, where the efficacy decreases between 2% and 21%.

The most respectful cotton
for your baby's skin.

Organic cotton cultivation saves 62% of energy resources and 71% of water compared to conventional cotton fields. It is based on a biodynamic farming system that respects animal biodiversity. The non-use of pesticides maintains the natural balance between pests and predators.

Organic cotton is 100% biodegradable, generates organic matter in the crop rotation and makes the soil more fertile. It helps reduce the environmental footprint, generates far less CO2 and therefore makes the air we breathe purer and less polluted. Plus, the more you wash your organic cotton garments, the softer they become, ensuring a long life beyond when you stop wearing them.

Unbleached, no pesticides, no toxic substances. Soft, breathable and comfortable. 100% organic cotton from organic farming grown with the colours of the earth and produced under the highest OEKO-TEX® quality standards from our suppliers to dress your baby's skin.

Ethical, sustainable
and toxic-free garments.

We strongly believe in more sustainable consumption habits, that' s why we are constantly working on more environmentally friendly design solutions. We are not only committed to more sustainable fabrics, but also to 100% natural dyes.

Just as in nature no two plants are exactly alike, in the natural dyeing process each garment becomes unique in tone and texture. The garments will vary with washing, but if you take care of them, they will stay alive over time.

Our dyes, inner labels, sewing thread and buttons follow the OEKO-TEX® standards of all our suppliers, guaranteeing sustainable production processes that are free of toxic substances for the skin and the planet.

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