We aim, in short, to dress your skin. We design garments with the most skin-friendly fabrics, with intelligent patterns that adapt to your body and allow freedom of movement to give you the comfort and convenience you need so much.

We are mothers and fathers, lovers of the emotional bond we establish with our sons and daughters. We are creative and restless people. We believe in what we do, we trust each other, because we know that each of us does what we do best. Each garment, each label, each photography, each word, is made with care, love, respect and passion for a job well done.

We produce our garments ethically and locally. Our suppliers are amazing, with a lot of experience and patience. Our photographer is just capable of capturing that which is almost imperceptible. Our families are kind, wonderful and extremely generous, allowing us to see each of the realities hidden in their homes. Our project is about life, about being born and growing up, so this is what we do every day.

The first
second skin.

We are here for you. To dress your skin. To accompany you through every stage of your pregnancy. To dress your baby with a second skin.

We look for the best garment to dress your newborn. The best garment to dress a baby with atopic skin. The best evolving garment for baby's development. The best garment that accompanies you during your pregnancy and stays with you after the birth. This is our story, the relentless search for the best garment to dress your skin.

We are constantly looking for breathability. Softness and comfort. We only use the best and most skin-friendly fabrics currently available to make our garments. Innovative, award-winning fabrics, certified to the highest quality standards.

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