Coolbamboo Collection.
Soft, silky, light and extremely comfortable.

Of all the incredible characteristics that the bamboo fibre fabric brings us, we are left with the incredible softness of its touch on the skin. With a very high thermal regulation, this fabric prevents perspiration and provides a wonderful feeling of comfort for you and your baby. Easy to wear, easy to wash and hypoallergenic.

Truecotton Collection.
Pure organic cotton dyed with natural dyes.

Our Truecotton Collection remains one of our favourite choices for baby's skin. Made from 100% undyed, unbleached organic cotton, it maintains and regulates baby's body temperature, providing breathability and comfort in all weathers.

Reliefwear Collection.
The clothing that relieves atopic skin.

Introducing our amazing Reliefwear Collection, the baby clothing collection for babies 3-24 months that soothes atopic dermatitis and calms the most sensitive skin.

By incorporating the trace element Zinc into the Lyocell® fibres, the award-winning and innovative Smartcell™ Sensitive technology allows us to offer absolutely breathable, soft, stretchy and comfortable garments that provide the soothing and anti-inflammatory effect that the most sensitive skin needs.

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