Wash your baby's clothes
before using them.

Your baby's skin is extremely sensitive at birth, so wash the first clothes you are going use to remove any substances that may be aggressive. We recommend you wash the clothes by hand, the first two or three times, to avoid shrinkage.

Use neutral detergents
and avoid softeners.

It doesn't do much good to dress your baby in the best fabric for their skin if you wash the clothes with detergents and chemical softeners. Use neutral and hypoallergenic detergents that take care of your clothes and help prevent possible dermatological reactions.

Wash at low

Washing at low temperatures is more caring with the garments, it does not shrink them, it helps to maintain the colours and it consumes less energy reducing the CO2 emissions. We do not recommend washing our clothes at more than 40º, especially the first few times. If there are stains that are resistant, try to remove them by hand before putting the garment in the washing machine.


The dryer consumes a lot of energy, wears out the fabric of the garments and may shrink them. Hang your clothes out to dry, let them dry in the air and sun (but don't expose them to direct light for too long). If you store them indoors, open the windows to reduce humidity.

Do it with love

Our garments made from bamboo, SeaCell™ or Smartcell™ Sensitive fibres require similar washing care to cotton, but we may need to remind you to wash your garments at a low temperature or even in cold water. These fibres repel dust mites and dirt, so hand washing may be sufficient.

Do not tumble dry or dry clean these garments. It's important, you could damage them. Bear in mind that garments dyed with natural dyes will lose intensity with washing, so do not mix them with light colours and avoid all kinds of detergents and aggressive softeners. Remember that they are harmful to the garments, to the planet and, above all, to your baby's skin.

And remember to wash your garments inside out, you'll protect them and enjoy them longer.

Take care of your
washing machine.

Washing machines get dirty! We wash a lot of dirty clothes in it, so it's logical. A good trick to keep your washing machine alive is to do a 60º wash with the machine empty. Even better if you add a splash of white vinegar.

Remember to fill the machine when you do your laundry. If the washing machine is not full, your clothes will suffer more wear and tear, but if you overload it, your clothes may not be washed properly. It's just a matter of being conscious of using the water and energy resources available to us well.

Take care of your

Cleaning your accessories with a cotton cloth, a soft brush or a neutral detergent can help you take care of them and reduce the impact. Whenever possible, look for environmentally friendly cleaning products.


Once you no longer use your clothes, donate them to someone you think will wear them and enjoy them. If you have no one in mind, send them to us and we will give them a second or third use.

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