We are in this together. We stand for ethical production and that is why, we only work with suppliers who guarantee us production processes that respect the people who produce our garments under safe working conditions.

We have OEKO-TEX® certification for our suppliers, which not only ensure fair conditions for workers, but also guarantee sustainable production that respects our planet.

Ethical and sustainable

We are constantly researching new processes and raw materials to help reduce the environmental impact of our productions. The incorporation of new technologies and materials in the production processes of our garments means that we are increasingly able to guarantee more sustainable productions.

We control the whole line of the production process, from the sketch in our notebook to the package you receive at home. We maintain a close relationship with all our suppliers and partners with whom we regularly check the working conditions of workers, the safety levels of our products and the environmental standards of production.

Respectful with the skin
and the planet.

Development of raw materials is one of the most important stages of a garment's manufacture. We make our collections with sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo or Lyocell®, although we continue to research other innovative fabrics that care for the skin and our planet.

Thanks to new technologies, chemical-free dyeing processes and closed cycles for washing garments, we significantly reduce water consumption and polluting emissions for our planet.

Our aim is to offer you the best fabric to dress your skin. In Austria, Brazil, Portugal or Barcelona. We speak only one language with our suppliers, that of constantly working together on new proposals to achieve the highest quality.

Innovative German

The high-tech fibres Smartcel™ Sensitive and SeaCell™ are produced in a modern fibre production plant at Lenzing AG in Austria exclusively for Smartfiber AG where a highly specialised team of engineers and scientists supervises the fibre production process. For more than 70 years, Smartfiber AG has been a pioneer in quality and innovation in the production of natural cellulose fibres.

Made in

Between tradition and modernity, the German fibre is converted into yarn in our partner factory in Portugal. Finally, yarn arrives in Barcelona, where it is made into fabric.

From fabric to pattern, and from pattern to garment. We control the entire process of production and tailoring of our garments together with our local and trusted suppliers. We label, pack and ship our garments ourselves with love to send them worldwide.

A commitment
to preserve tradition.

We love researching and discovering new, innovative and sustainable fabrics, but we still have a sincere love for cotton fibre. It is the fibre we were dressed in as children, the one our grandmothers wore, and the one that has been wisely used universally to care for the most sensitive skins.

Organic cotton production is based on self-sufficient biodynamic agriculture that respects animal life and biodiversity, maintaining a balance between pests and their natural predators. Free from polluting machinery and irrigation systems, organic cotton fields save energy and CO2 emissions compared to conventional cotton cultivation, as they use and conserve rainwater efficiently.

Undyed, unbleached and under the highest quality standards thanks to the OEKO-TEX® certifications of our suppliers to take care of your baby's skin as it deserves.

beyond recycling.

When we went out with our first production in early 2020, we were firmly committed to organic cotton fabrics. Now, we can already talk about many other sustainable fibers and fabrics and we are constantly researching new options with a low environmental impact.

We believe that the clothes we wear should be able to stay with us for a long time. We believe in the second and third use of things, so we design high quality and durable clothes that can be worn for years.

We currently have our own clothing recycling programme. Give us back the clothes you no longer wear and we will take care of the next use. We collaborate with social projects such as the Nana Project at the Sant Joan de Déu hospital and we work with a local recycling plant that reconverts clothes into new recycled fabrics in a sustainable way.

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